Friday 23 February 2007

mySpace - Affordable and "Professional?"

A recent client of mine expressed some interested in developing a professional community (WEB 2.0) site where youth can be involved in the life's of people doing it tough BUT had no budget to work in.

I felt the light bulb go in my head: mySpace! or myCMS!

a. The Market already exists for their niche.
b. It's customisable with various mediums (HTML, Pictures, Video, Blog).
c. PayPal can be integrated for donations.
d. It's Free! (Except for our Consulting and Development Time :-) )

There are a LOT of WEB 2.0 resources out their which focus on community building. So what is WEB 2.0 your asking. In a nutshell it's a web-based application that builds community, user innovation and integration. You may have heard of these applications being sold to Google?

The project hasn't been completed as yet but I'll assure you we will give you the stats on the outcome.

Talk to us today about how Digerati Solutions can build your online environment with an affordable and strategic solution. myCMS - Content Management System is a highly recommended tool for managing the interface for your website.

Tim Faase
- Digerati Solutions Director