Wednesday 24 September 2014

Creating a website that grows with you and works for you.

Imagine opening a new retail store. You've paid your rent, fitted it out with amazing signs and added your products in.

Your doors open, and the customers start to stream in. They love perusing your product ranges, and want to buy. They come up to the counter but you have no capacity to process their order.

OR you present them with a paper form to fill in and ask that they write you a cheque.

OR maybe your shop doesn't have any products on display at all – wouldn't that be a missed opportunity?

These might seem like crazy scenarios, but your website could feel a little like this to your customers. Most websites act like a brochure, giving a bit of information and your contact details. This is a great start but these days, in 2014, you really need more than ‘just a website’.

Customers like to browse, enquire and purchase online.

In 2013, Australians spent $37.1 billion dollars online, with the average per person spend doubling since 2006. (Data from:

People like to buy online because:
  • They get more choice, with access to shops and retailers all over Australia (and the world)
  • Most people think they are getting a good price when they buy online
  • Products are delivered straight to your door 

The amazing thing about a website, verses a bricks-and-mortar store, is that it can be easily edited, expanded, revamped, given a face-lift and process orders faster, smarter and cheaper! In short, your website can grow with your business and can be expanded to handle the growth and changes.

So how could your website work FOR you, save you time and be expanded?
  • Adding the ability for people to order and pay online
  • Including a comprehensive enquire form, that asks exactly what you need to know
  • An instant quote feature, so people can quickly see services and prices 
  • Turning PDF forms into online forms to save double handing and data entry
  • Website made mobile-ready and responsive to make for easy browsing on mobile devices 
  • Member/Customer log in to see orders, re-order or to access custom pricing or confidential information?
  • Automated emails when people order online, when a product is shipped or in response to an enquiry 
  • Ability to take bookings online and notify staff 

This is just a starter list to get you thinking… We understand business is not a static thing and that you want to grow and evolve over time. So why not consider how your website can be part of this process and create a great experience for your staff and your customers.

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