Wednesday 31 July 2013

Fall In Love With Your Website

Just imagine your ideal partner, your perfect match that ticks all the boxes in that internal check list you assess on every date (don’t lie, you all have one and it’s nothing to be ashamed of). They’re good looking, smart (but not too smart that they make you feel inadequate), cultured, and fun aren’t they? They’re easy to get along with, and they’ll age like a fine wine… am I right?

Chances are, without getting too specific and without showing any gender bias, these are the criteria just about everyone has. Now let’s take these same criteria, and apply it to an equally interesting and romantic concept… WEBSITES!

No seriously, stay with me on this one, we’ll just make a few slight adjustments to make my theory work. So what makes a great website?

A Damn Good Website Your Ideal Partner
Nice appealing design that captures your attention and stands out from the crowd “They’re really, really, ridiculously good looking” – Derek Zoolander
The content is relative, informative, but in a casual enough language that users don’t need to start looking for a dictionary to comprehend you Smart, without being intimidatingly smart (it’s hard to love a know-it-all)
The website should be easy to navigate, so users can find the right information and quickly creating an enjoyable user experience Easy to get along with… it might also help if you can actually understand them and their actions (although this is pretty rare to find)
Something engaging and intriguing. A real wow-factor feature that sets the standard Cultured and fun. They’re a bit different, a bit quirky but in the best possible way
An innovative design and construction that pushes the boundaries, but won’t look tacky or ancient in 5 years’ time They’ll age like a fine wine harvested from the best vines in the South of France

As you can see, the same principals apply. When you think about what you want your website to be like, think about your perfect match. It’s a much better starting point than most would think.

You can try and stay in denial all you like and try to separate the two, but face it, everything you want in a website, is everything you want in a partner. We might not be able to help you find your future partner, but we can make a fantastic website to keep you happy until then!