Friday 27 September 2013

Get Your Business In Shape For Summer

By now you’re probably receiving a whole bunch of newsletters from gyms and lifestyle companies asking the guilt-ridden question, “Are you ready for Summer?” Well it’s time for me to pile some more guilt on to your already motivated self. It’s time to start thinking about your Summer Campaigns people!

So while you’re following the instructional DVD on how to get  washboard abs in seven minutes, you should also start to think about how you can drive sales and grow your business. Making your business more profitable sounds way more fun than rolling around on the floor in pain trying to look good for Summer, I don’t think I’d have anyone object to that.

But how can you really nail your Summer Campaign Special? It’s pretty simple actually, and it can be much more cost-effective than you think. Here’s a few tips:
  1. Plan
    People are smart, they will know when something has been poorly planned or planned at the last minute. A poorly planned campaign can do more harm than good to your brand, even if you have the best intentions. So start planning nice and early and you will reap the rewards!

  2. Budget
    Don’t try to extend yourself too much. A good Summer Campaign doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. It can be something small or creative. Your customers (on the most) don’t care how expensive the gift is, it’s the thought that counts. It’s important that the campaign either makes you money, or builds brand recognition/positivity, just make sure it doesn’t send you broke.

  3. What can my Campaign be?
    Discounts, new products, free trials or a small gift - which one do I go for? It all depends on a few things:
    a) Your branding
    b) Your customer base
    c) What you want to achieve out of the campaign

    It’s a good idea to always keep any promotional products or discounts in-line with your branding. If you have gone to extensive lengths to make sure your brand appears down-to-earth, fun and relaxed, don’t go giving away an expensive, executive style pen to your clients. Give them something with a bit of humour and life (I’ll shamelessly self-promote Digerati’s last two Xmas specials of BeachBalls and Frisbees…. they were a stroke of genius). It’s important to keep your branding consistent in all aspects of your business and marketing.

    Customer Base
    It can be difficult to nail this, especially for businesses who don’t really have a ‘typical customer’. But it’s common sense if your business serves a very specific market. Eg. if you sell baby clothes and equipment, don’t give out beer coasters as promotional items… that’s just silly. 

    Any marketer will tell you, before you start a campaign, you have to know what you want to achieve out of it. Otherwise, you’re just blindly clutching at straws. If you know exactly where you want to go, it’s a lot easier to get there! If it’s simply to say thanks to your customers and build some customer satisfaction, a small gift is the best way to go (kill two birds with one stone and have some branding on it… FREE ADVERTISING!), but if it’s to drive sales, a bonus offer, free trial or discounted price is the way to go!

  4. How do I Make Sure it’s Successful?

    Again, this all ties back to what you want to get out of the campaign. If you achieved what you wanted it will be successful, so your implementation strategies need to be in-line with your goals. Needless to say, no matter what campaign you decide to run, you will need awareness! You want people to know about your new product, of how much you appreciate their business, and you want people to sign up for that free trial! So how do you create the awareness? Use some of the below:

·         Integrate your Social Media: This is probably the best place to advertise first and foremost. People on Facebook LOVE to hear about free stuff or discounts, especially if they like your business! It can not only lead to a more effective campaign, but a stronger social media presence.
·         Email Campaign: Great way to reach your database of clients because it’s cost-effective, time-efficient and you can track exactly who opened it, and what they clicked.
·         Advertise the campaign on your website: your website is one of, if not the most important marketing tools of your business, so use it!
·         Adjust your Email Signature: Just think about how many people see it every day. It’s basically free and very effective.

So, hopefully I haven’t taken too much time away from your exercise routine, but if you follow these tips, I’m sure your business will be in its best possible shape for Summer!