Wednesday 2 November 2011

Websites for your soul

The need for a business website in today's market is crucial, but most people don't know how easy it is to set up a website for your own interests. As personal blogs & hobby-sites are becoming more and more popular, people are searching for great ways to get their content online - that's where we can help.

Although Digerati have built a corporate-strength content management back end (myCMS), its simple interface and flexible editing options make it great for personal projects too. Don't get worried about spending 'corporate website' rates on your personal site - we can also scale projects back to fit most budgets.

Whether you're interested in a 1-page site to let the world know about your collection of model cars, or a full blown online ordering system for selling your unique baked goods, we can put together a great package that will take your hobby to the next level.

Here's a list of ideas for your hobby site;
  • Keep a catalogue of your collection and wish list items (we can even restrict access if you want).
  • Sell produce or food goods that you make on the weekend.
  • Advertise times & schedules for your team games or meetings.
  • Create an online site for more information for a wedding or special event.
  • Create a website for more information on a property you're selling - and even have a mobile version that people can visit from their phone using a QR code posted at the property (or on print listings)
  • Keep a journal of your holiday or research trip & use it to keep friends and family back home up to date with your progress.
  • Post your family recipes up on a site and allow other people to submit theirs.
  • Create a fan site for your favorite team, band or celebrity.
  • Create a forum for people facing similar health concerns to collaborate and chat about treatments & experiences.
  • Advertise your freelance photography or artistic services & show examples of your work.
  • Take online RSVP's for your party.
  • Create an online resume to impress a potential employer.
  • Keep a private journal of your pregnancy, or treatment that only friends and family can access.
Here's some ideas for some short-term or small support sites for businesses; 
  • Run a promotion for people to enter their details (and join your mailing list) for the chance to win a prize.
  • Run your work football tipping competition with staff & clients on your own branded site.
  • Hold annual awards for staff & clients and keep a public record of the achievements & milestones.
  • Create an event-specific site for clients to get all their information in one place. It can be more helpful than finding it hidden within your company website. An example may be for an accountant to set up an 'end of financial year' site with checklists and forms that need to be completed.
  • Create an external blog site which can be used to stuff keywords and links for SEO optimization.
  • Create a 'secret site' that can only be accessed via a mobile device taking a photo of a QR code. The site may have a special offer or coupon that the user can show on their phone. 
No matter what your project or idea, come and chat with us and we can help bring it to life.