Wednesday 29 October 2014

17 features your customers expect when they land on your website.

Do you have a website or are you looking to develop a new one?

Well here is a little check-list - 17 features that your customers are going to expect when they land on your website.

1. Great images

2. Appealing design

3. Quick to load

4. Fresh and up-to-date content

5. Easy and logical navigation

6. Usable on a mobile

7. Contact details

8. Products, prices and the ability to buy (if applicable)

9. Obvious explanation of your products and services

10. All the information possible to make a decision and take action. The customers should not need to call and ask obvious questions like ‘where is your office?’ or ‘what is your returns policy?’ or ‘what are the dimensions of this product?’

11. Social media integration and participation

12. Clear and concise About Us page

13. (If you’re a small business) An ‘Our Team’ page that has great images and staff bios

14. Simplicity

15. Consistent design and layout

16. Internal and external links where needed. But, users shouldn’t be leaving your website so have links open in a new tab.

17. A call to action ‘above the fold’ 

Digerati Solutions can help you achieve any of  this! Get in touch if you want to chat more.