Wednesday 27 August 2014

Could your website save you time?

I want you to have a think about something – what do you spend your time doing at work? Think of all the tasks and activities that leave you at 4pm saying “where did the day go??” Do you write and reply to lots of generic emails? Do you send forms to your customers? Do you process order forms and take RSVPs? Do you do much data entry? Do you invoice?

In this day and age and era of technology, there is actually a lot of tasks and processes that can be streamlined and simplified online.

At Digerati, we have worked with many different businesses and organisation to take their paper flow online.

  • We’ve worked with schools to ensure that their information is delivered straight to the end user. To eliminate their paper permission slips and eliminate the need to re-enter data into a spreadsheet.
  • We’ve worked with tradesmen to ensure that when the trade-work-day is done that they don’t need to spend their evening invoicing for all the jobs.
  • We’ve worked with not-for-profits to make a one-stop-shop donation form on their website, processing payments quickly and simply.
  • We’ve worked with small retail and wholesale businesses to ensure they can sell their products online, manage customers and track orders.
  • We’ve built member layers into website for correspondence within a business and/or organisation, with forums and easy RSVP functions.
  • We’ve enabled our clients to play more golf, surf, enjoy their family time and rid their office of paper! This is what we love.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to save yourself some time and rid yourself of the tedious jobs!