Wednesday 26 November 2014

17 steps you can take to improve your website

Following on from last month’s blog, we thought we’d now give you 17 ways that you can improve your website. This might be in terms of design, usability, content or search engine optimisation. If you work through each of the below, you'll be on your way to a great website that your target market will love.

1. Source better images

2. Redesign your homepage or just update a few small things to give it a fresh and modern feel

3. Speak to your web developer to see if there are ways to increase the load time of your website (don’t be fooled – your website CAN be made faster)

4. Re-write the homepage copy. Or heck, go and re-write the whole website. There is nothing better than good, fresh copy!

5. Ask new visitors to your website to find certain pieces of information. Watch them use the site – is it easy? Can they find what they need? Do you need to rename menus or pages to guide them in the right direction?

6. Investigate how to make your website mobile responsive? Put this in your budget for next year and get it done! More users than ever are browsing on a mobile and it’s important that you optimise it for them (your competitors will)!

7. Ensure all your contact details are correct and can be found. Test your contact forms – do they work?

8. Is there anything that you could make available for purchase online that would make things easier?

9. Is it clear what you do? Ask someone their feedback.

10. Ask yourself: do people call you or your office asking the same questions? Could these questions be answered on your website?

11. If you’re on social media, does your website feature this?

12. Re-read your ‘about us’ page. Could you improve this?

13. Do you have your staff on your website? This would be a nice addition, especially if you’re a small business

14. Could you condense or simplify your website, menus, content and information architecture?

15. Ask yourself if your website design is consistent. If not, work it so that all the pages and information is formatted similarly.

16. Add hyperlinks between pages and to external sites, if needed but always ensure new websites open in a new window so people never leave your website

17. Add ‘calls to action’ to your website such as “get a free quote”, “contact us”, “make a booking” or “buy now”

And if you need a hand, give us (Digerati Solutions) a buzz on (02) 9545 2983