Friday 23 February 2007

Web Design - New Benchmark

Web design has changed over the years, constantly the industry is producing the "next best". How does Digerati Solutions provide the best looking websites? We are constantly looking out for this next best.

We believe the next best is:

It's the best because its open/sharp, inviting, easy to navigate. It also has been optimised for 1024px resolution and uses the latest technology, ajax. Plus a very consistent brand appearance

But what are the down sides you ask? Graphic intensive (slow to load), Relies of Javascript (navigation would break), Not Perfect (W3c HTML & CSS Not Compliant) and Scrolling Can be Required (1024 is wider than most monitors).

At Digerati Solutions, we consider all pros and cons technically and aesthetically when exploring your interface's appearance. Web Design for your Website is critical to get right, talk to us!