Friday 23 February 2007

Content Management System (CMS) - myCMS

I could guess there are more than thousands of CMS products out in the market. But what do they deliver? What product best suits my needs? And what is most cost effective.

To start... what even is a CMS? A CMS is a Content Management System, this product is designed to update the information, pictures, video, links and web pages in a website. The best example of a CMS is Users can change the information on their website to what ever they wish.

SO... why would I want one? Control. Affordable long term. Effective.

Why wouldn't I want one? Don't want responsibility. Expense. Can't find Product. Unknown.

myCMS, a product by Digerati Solutions handles all your Content Management Needs.

Just to note a few:
  • myCMS Web page, Site Navigation and Publishing Control.
  • myCMS Template Control
  • myCMS Time Delayed Changes
  • myCMS Administrative Publishing Approvals.
  • myCMS Easy Content Changing, just like Microsoft Word. No, EASIER!
  • myCMS Real file resource management
  • myCMS Comprehensive User Management
  • myCMS Integrated Reporting - Geo Location, Visits/Hits, Referrals, New/Returning.

Our product handles all your needs, if you don't believe us! Contact us!