Monday 10 September 2007

Interface Perfomance Vs Pleasure

Operating Systems (Windows XP, Vista, OSX) have been constantly been improved over the years to please visually. Whether it's funky transparency, anti-aliasing, lively navigation or animated effects, this all uses the computers resources to make your experience of the interaction more enjoyable.

How much does the designer consider the interface to be enjoyable, more efficient for work, performance friendly and simple? Does a navigation that expands smoothly over your mouse help your computer experience or is it a detriment to your efficiency and the computer's performance. Like everything, an important balance is required.

Being a business that rests a heavy focus on great Web Design, we need to consider the separation between an operating system and the web, two very different platforms, with two different purposes and interaction expectations.

We have been closely watching some design trends by extremely talented individuals producing navigation, page interaction, and rich graphical interfaces that match the style of screen found in new operating systems. Flash integration was the only way of achieving such navigation in the past, but now-a-days it is critical that websites are search engine compatible and that you can be indexed by search engine spiders.

Cast your eyes on this: does it not look like OSX's navigation?

In our eyes (Digerati), this is the now future of Internet interaction, except we can't leave behind the fundamentals:
  • The user must have an expectation of how to use the website.
  • It must be conventionally structured (layout).
  • The resolution (screen size) needs to fit 99% of your audience.
  • The performance required needs to be low as possible.
  • It must be usable by most browsers.

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