Monday 2 July 2007

When too much experience is limiting

It is frustrating working with someone that knows it all isn’t it? I especially feel this when their opinion, that has been so affirmed, is out-dated or redundant.

It is easy to do. You have found your niche, the system that makes money and it works but how old is it? Has it been out-dated? Does it still have that efficient edge? Is your style still fresh?

The internet evolves at a rate that it is hard to retain a website that is cutting edge for more than a year. Working in a medium that demands openness and awareness is not found in many other industries. Does your web service company produce fresh products? Does your website still look as attractive as the new sites that are being released?

At Digerati, the team combined has around 20 years experience in designing and producing websites. We know what has come and gone, but we especially know what works and the fundamentals that are timeless. We design in the WEB 2.0 style and functionality, this is constantly changing and growing into a theme suited to how the user best knows how to use the internet.

Talk to us today about what we think of your website. We can tell you how we can improve design, layout, language, sale tunnels and rich functionality assisting the users experience.