Thursday 9 August 2007

An exciting time for good designers

The boom of Web2.0 web design has left the internet a much better place to look at, BUT, do you get the impression that websites are starting to all look the same? The green gradient is becoming so over-used that I'm starting to wonder if my monitor is starting to show signs of age and just tint everything to a pale hue of grass.

The overwhelming response to the 2.0 look should have web design forecasters rubbing their hands because any mass take-up of any design based schema will actually be its own downfall. Looking back though history, design fads quickly became dated (frangipanni flowers in from the early 2000's, airbrushed artwork from the 80's, thick brown & cream stripes fromthe 70's, etc..). The reason for this is that people don't want to be the same as everyone else. They want to stand out and be noticed among their competitors. If they all look the same, then there is no difference. As soon as a fad is set, the wheels are set in motion to begin breaking the mould, and its the few companies that probably started the trend in the first place that are also the first to leave.

The good news is that designers with vision are in an ideal position to produce work that is modern and visually appealing but at the same time, quite different from the Smiths down the road (who still hopefully look the same as everyone else).

By looking through a designers portfolio you should be able to see diversity and evolution. Any web design company who recycles the same 'look' for multiple sites probably doesnt have the vision to 'see' something beyond the fad.

At Digerati, we pride ourselves on our evolving designs and fresh looks for each of our clients. Each new project, we start with a clean sheet, so that each site is a new work of art that we can proudly display in our portfolio.

Please contact us if you'd like to chat about how we can help you take your website to the next step.