Friday 23 February 2007

Are you riding the next wave?

During the web boom of 1999/2000, everyone needed a website. No matter how it looked, its purpose, the information it displayed or how it ran in line with your business, you needed a website.

A lot of large website companies grew during this period of "Gotta be on the wave to make it" but did they produce what you required? Does it line up with your branding/products? Does it generate sales/leads? Is it worth while?

Digerati Solutions are servicing the next wave of refurbished websites. We build sites that maximise your online potential focusing on:
  • Lead Generation/eCommerce
  • Brand and Strategy Alignment
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Design
  • Production
  • Product Integration
  • Hosting

Chat to us today about how to get blood out of your stone (website), measurably. Digerati solutions provides the complete online solutions.