Sunday 25 February 2007

AJAX - huh?

It's not the cleaner, so what is it? AJAX stands for: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

It isn't some new technology but it is a new way to use existing methods to build rich, user-friendly, desktop style of interacting with a web page.

A good example of an AJAX application is Digerati's Shopping Cart build into myCommerce for Goodbuddy Sports website. Notice the page doesn't 'reload' with information but appears to be working in the background? This is pro, it becomes RICH.

Javascript triggers an XML request to the server in the background and makes XHTML/CSS changes in real-time. You don't have to install it, you don't have to enable it and it doesn't have browser compatibility issues.

Technologies it uses are:
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Dynamic Server Side Technology (, ASP, PHP, JSP etc.)
If you want to start your website on this new style of WEB 2.0 applications. Chat to Digerati today and we can begin discussions.

Saturday 24 February 2007

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, Whats the fuss?

It is a huge fuss, and here's why:
  • People Search Yahoo 200 Million times/day
  • People Search Google 350 Million times/day
  • People Search LookSmart 75 Million times/day

Insane numbers! This just proves that your ranking in the major search engines is critical to build your online potential!

Most recently, the highest keyword searched was "valentine's day".

What if you had the highest rank? What if you had an online store which converted leads to sales effectively? What if you made a lot of money from simply pursing the art of SEO.

At Digerati Solutions, every site we build, we consider the effects of SEO. If you want to build your online potential, talk to us about how we can build the monopoly of SEO pages, Adwords, Blogs, Website Keyword Considerations and Web Building Techneques to build up your position.

Talk to Digerati about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Today!

How do I choose a Web Design/Development Company?

I must admit there are a lot out there! But which one is the right one for you? How do you know? How do you trust them? They all focus on different niches, what am I trying to achieve?

The last question is key? What are you trying to achieve? Do you want the website to:

  • Generate Sales/Leads and How
  • Market via Email and Search Engines
  • Hot Graphic Design
  • Reliable Functional Development

All companies will SAY they do all of the above, but how good are they? At Digerati Solutions we strive to build your online potential through considering all of the above. It is critical that before you start talking to a Web Development Company you do the following:

  • What is the market you are trying to target?
  • What are you attempting to achieve in this market?
  • If you have a current website, what is currently working?
  • Ensure marketing campaigns line up the website.
  • How do you want to maintain it? Would a Content Management System be helpful?

The solution to the above is really important, it helps us, it helps you and we WILL find the right solution.

Talk to Digerati Solutions today and Contact Us, we look forward to working with you!

Tim Faase
- Digerati Solutions - Web Design, Development and Hosting.

Friday 23 February 2007

Are you riding the next wave?

During the web boom of 1999/2000, everyone needed a website. No matter how it looked, its purpose, the information it displayed or how it ran in line with your business, you needed a website.

A lot of large website companies grew during this period of "Gotta be on the wave to make it" but did they produce what you required? Does it line up with your branding/products? Does it generate sales/leads? Is it worth while?

Digerati Solutions are servicing the next wave of refurbished websites. We build sites that maximise your online potential focusing on:
  • Lead Generation/eCommerce
  • Brand and Strategy Alignment
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Design
  • Production
  • Product Integration
  • Hosting

Chat to us today about how to get blood out of your stone (website), measurably. Digerati solutions provides the complete online solutions.

eCommerce - Does it work to put my business online?

eCommerce is a funny market, businesses are on the fence in terms of going down this track and not. There has been plenty of success stories, regrets, mistakes and unknowns.

Lets just have a look at the top 3 online businesses in American during 2004:

  • = $5.3b US

  • = $3.2b US

  • = 3.1b US

Information sourced from; "Internet Retailer - 2005 Edition".

Digerati Solutions are in the progress of building our third software product myCommerce.

Our product will be on the market for sales in late March 2007. Please contact Digerati Solutions for more information.

Content Management System (CMS) - myCMS

I could guess there are more than thousands of CMS products out in the market. But what do they deliver? What product best suits my needs? And what is most cost effective.

To start... what even is a CMS? A CMS is a Content Management System, this product is designed to update the information, pictures, video, links and web pages in a website. The best example of a CMS is Users can change the information on their website to what ever they wish.

SO... why would I want one? Control. Affordable long term. Effective.

Why wouldn't I want one? Don't want responsibility. Expense. Can't find Product. Unknown.

myCMS, a product by Digerati Solutions handles all your Content Management Needs.

Just to note a few:
  • myCMS Web page, Site Navigation and Publishing Control.
  • myCMS Template Control
  • myCMS Time Delayed Changes
  • myCMS Administrative Publishing Approvals.
  • myCMS Easy Content Changing, just like Microsoft Word. No, EASIER!
  • myCMS Real file resource management
  • myCMS Comprehensive User Management
  • myCMS Integrated Reporting - Geo Location, Visits/Hits, Referrals, New/Returning.

Our product handles all your needs, if you don't believe us! Contact us!

Web Design - New Benchmark

Web design has changed over the years, constantly the industry is producing the "next best". How does Digerati Solutions provide the best looking websites? We are constantly looking out for this next best.

We believe the next best is:

It's the best because its open/sharp, inviting, easy to navigate. It also has been optimised for 1024px resolution and uses the latest technology, ajax. Plus a very consistent brand appearance

But what are the down sides you ask? Graphic intensive (slow to load), Relies of Javascript (navigation would break), Not Perfect (W3c HTML & CSS Not Compliant) and Scrolling Can be Required (1024 is wider than most monitors).

At Digerati Solutions, we consider all pros and cons technically and aesthetically when exploring your interface's appearance. Web Design for your Website is critical to get right, talk to us!

mySpace - Affordable and "Professional?"

A recent client of mine expressed some interested in developing a professional community (WEB 2.0) site where youth can be involved in the life's of people doing it tough BUT had no budget to work in.

I felt the light bulb go in my head: mySpace! or myCMS!

a. The Market already exists for their niche.
b. It's customisable with various mediums (HTML, Pictures, Video, Blog).
c. PayPal can be integrated for donations.
d. It's Free! (Except for our Consulting and Development Time :-) )

There are a LOT of WEB 2.0 resources out their which focus on community building. So what is WEB 2.0 your asking. In a nutshell it's a web-based application that builds community, user innovation and integration. You may have heard of these applications being sold to Google?

The project hasn't been completed as yet but I'll assure you we will give you the stats on the outcome.

Talk to us today about how Digerati Solutions can build your online environment with an affordable and strategic solution. myCMS - Content Management System is a highly recommended tool for managing the interface for your website.

Tim Faase
- Digerati Solutions Director