Monday 30 April 2007

Crowd-Sourcing - What the crack?

Recent trends on the Internet have been to use the crowds. mySpace use crowds, YouTube use crowds, every WEB 2.0 application relies on users, community and customisable features.

The newest concept using WEB 2.0 is the Federal Police in the UK. The government have published cold cases in the hope that the public can help them crack the cases. Video have been uploaded to YouTube, information on what, where, how and who is all public. By using the Internet as a means to build a collaborative environment, now-a-days is the only way is Crowd-Sourcing. Can you imagine how popular mySpace would be if no one uses it? It's the cornerstone of it's purpose.

So how does this relate to you?
  • Need a collaborative environment?
  • Need to bring people together?
  • Got a cause and need to constructively build movement?

Talk to us today about the range of applications we can use to capture the Crowd-Sourcing concept into your required solution.