Thursday 26 April 2007

The Google Story

I recently read the Google Story and if you haven't heard it before, it is seriously amazing. Two guys, the founders of Google, while at Uni doing their PHD learned that there was no relevance in current search engine results, there was no formula of rank to determine which page is more important than others. Over that year the two guys set out to download the Internet, index the results and return highly fast & relevant results. The conclusion of that year saw available on the Universities' intranet.

Googles' name comes from a spelling mistake of Googol. (Great name though!)

Over the next two years Larry and Sergey set out to make Google public on the global scale and meet the demand of searches the had gathered. They used old computers in a complex array of load balancing to achieve this. But in the end they had no money to continue. Of course they didn't, they didn't have any income opportunity providing free searches.

A few angel sponsors and seed funding went by but it wasn't until they meet up with the founder of Cisco Systems and other large corporations in Silicon Valley did they invent another ground breaking way of how information is sort and marketing is performed.

Sit back at this very moment and consider, what if there wasn't Google, what if they wasn't relevant ad marketing on Google. This product has changed the way we use the Internet.

There's a few motives for me writing this article, mainly to just tell you a good story but here are a few take home points.

  • Meeting the niche in their market. This is the best way to be successful. Find something, be DAMN good at it. This is Googles approach.
  • Google started with nothing and achieved lots. Do you have a great idea? Lets help you make it a reality.
  • We know how Google ranks, we know it as good as the best. Come talk to us about eMarketing your website.
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