Tuesday 15 May 2007

Stretching Web Concepts

As an graphic interface: HTML, Javascript, CSS and concepts such as AJAX, SEP and Table-less Design are a fairly limited in terms of there use. However, companies such as Google.com, Microsoft.com and most ISP Homepage sites rely heavily on all these technologies to achieve interactivity and customizability. Would this be considered true WEB 2.0, community based customizability on the Internet.

What happens to users with old browsers which do not support Javascript but Gecko? Users don't have width optimised to their 1024 resolution? CSS isn't enabled or Javascript isn't enabled? A user has a slow Internet connection? Or their colour depth doesn't reach their graphic needs.

I am sure these companies have considered these ramifications however, there is a point you leave a customer out and there experience of the service you provide online is not meet. We at Digerati understant there is a time for these features however I do not believe it is time for such improvements and demands on machines.

WEB 2.0 can be achieved well before these demands are placed on a users system.

If you feel your web development service provider has limited your site to resource high users, please chat to us and we can perform some analysis on your website.