Friday 13 April 2007

What the deal with SEP?

Most people are now familar with the term SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, but theres a new wave of cutting-edge developers that are now offering SEP or Search Engine Preparation.

SEP is a style of web development which supports SEO in the fact that it is essentially a subsection of SEO, but it also makes the job of optimising your website a lot easier.

In short, SEO is the whole package, a seemingly unlimited number of steps to take to ensure that your website can be indexed and listed by search engines. SEP is a subset of SEO in the fact that it's still focusing on the same end result, but while customer-side SEO usually focuses heavily on content and the text in your pages, SEP is the code and the development behind the website, that you dont usually see.

As an example...
If you've done research on SEO you'll be aware of how header tags work, and how important they are in terms of making specific text 'relevant'. SEP takes this a step further, and can make images have the same impact, but with more keywords.

With advances in CSS and the evolving WC3 and browser standards, its important to ensure that your website is developed with all of the new technological tools, but at the same time you cant afford to compromise compatability, speed and efficiency. The team at Digerati Solutions pride ourselves on our advanced SEP development and customer-centric functionality.

The content you add to your website is always going to be crutial, but when combined with SEP, you've got the whole page working for the same cause, and not just 1 small text area.

So next time you talk to your developer - ask them if they understand the fundamentals of SEP web development.