Friday 30 March 2007

Online Payments - Are they safe?

Of course its safe! Do you think major international banks would be willing to allow websites to interface with their customers money if it wasn't? Highly doubt it. I believe the question, "Are they safe", reflects more on Store than the payments itself.

New research has uncovered that 70% of Adults are willing to make purchases over the Internet and will spend over $228 billion. For retail businesses this is great news! So what factors change a users perception of what is 'safe'?

I believe it is an increase of awareness and public/media approval of large online stores such as Amazon, eBay and Dell has helped this margin. Users don't necessarily look for an SSL Certificates, Policies and Terms; don't get me wrong these are important but I feel to get more of the public interested in Online Payments we need to look at it from a different perspective.

I believe retail stores need to focus on these fundamentals first:

  • The Products Marketing - Do you sell it to them?
    Can you imagine a Online Shopper finding a product they need so bad they have an anxiety attack not being about to find their credit card? Security, policies, terms ain't being considered.
  • Shopping Cart - Ease of use
    Does your Shopping Cart have clear instructions? Are the buttons clearly labelled or positioned? Does it collect too much information about a customer? Do you use the bouncing ball approach to progress?
    What are the potentials that stop someone continuing, you need to remove all of these to ensure your product is actually sold.
  • Word of Mouth - Buyers selling
    "I went to x inc. Online Store yesterday, it was so easy! I found what I needed, put my details in, paid and it arrived next day. I also got all these e-mails about its progress. You gotta check it out!" This is your best form of marketing. Friends to friends. Your customers selling for you. Do a good service and you will reap the benefits.
  • Deliver what they expect
    A user will only have a expected experience if they are satisfied. How are they satisfied? You meet their expectation. Do this by using normal web techniques of shopping carts, processes, e-mails and service.
    You will only be successful if you deliver.

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