Wednesday 17 December 2014

15 things you need to update on your website for 2015.

Here is a list of 15 things to look at editing on your website in the period just before and after the Christmas/New Year break. 

1. Homepage images - might be time to source some new images to refresh your homepage.
2. Add your opening hours over the Christmas and New Year period

3. Then, make sure you remove the holiday opening hours! 

4. The our team page. Might be time for new head shots and bios 

5. About us page – is there any dates or ‘we’ve been around for x years’? 

6. Footer details and dates (including the copyright date) 

7. Recent projects and portfolio

8. Prices and promotions – are these changing for 2015?

9. Testimonials – are there recent ones you could add?

10. Terms and conditions, returns and privacy policy pages. 

11. Contact details of your business and staff – are these all still accurate? 

12. eNewsletter template – does this need a refresh for the new year? This might be in terms of design, approach or content 

13. Featured products, testimonials, or projects – change these to refresh the site's content 

14. Any sort of ‘Merry Christmas’ references or images to be removed come January

15. Consider if there are any 'big' updates or changes you'll want on your site - is it mobile responsive? Does it need a redesign? 

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