Tuesday 27 October 2009

Effective Website Launch

Computers are complicated at best, but when it comes to your email and website there is a lot of unknowns and can be very tricky.

As a web designer and IT company, the trickiest area comes when launching and updating email setup. We suggest the following points when engaging a web designer and setting up your website hosting:

  • Approve Your Website. Ensure you are 100% happy with the website before launching. This will take pressure off the launch.
  • You have a right to your name. Not your web designer. When it comes the time to change website and hosting, often other companies will attempt to hold onto your domain name.
  • Takes time. Launching your website takes up to 24hours to be LIVE, including your email. This process can take a little while to be instant, but working with us we can setup your most effective transition.
  • Be Proactive. It is very helpful for us to be proactive.
If you have any other questions about launching website, please contact us!