Tuesday 9 September 2008


Hello everyone out in the cloud!

Recently I have been reflecting on the world of web, considering SEO, flash, where the cloud is moving and how technologies are changing. Where my thoughts headed rested around so what is holding us back, what dictates the future, and how are we going to progress forward past the present.

Search Engines dictate where we are headed far too much, should search rank not be a completely natural process? The monster of Google has unintentionally conceived an entire industry focused on 'higher page rank', 'more click throughs' and inevitably better sales from online focus.

But how? How did they do it?

10 Years ago, on Googles birth... there created was a system, formula, structure of ranking popularity and importance of any website compared to another for 'keywords'... it is quite honestly very complex and highly sophisticated. Over the years it has grown and developed more and more, gathering more data, making more comparisons. From all of this, does it create a more accurate result for what you are after?

Let me be the first to admit that web searching is important, it is key to provide a search that accurately returns results for information you are after on the internet, but should there be a baise for an industry of SEO-ers out there to promise better results?

My response: no way.

SEO holds us back, it is a fixed structure that 'pleases' the search engine/spider, but heres the bad news... too bad its the world we live in. We don't have a choice for the moment about how we connect to the majority of online users needing our products and service.

My solution: I have ideas but someone large and influential needs to implement a new system to compare sites, something that doesn't tie the industry down to a fixed set of rules, structure etc.

Here are a handful of technologies already sorely impacted by search engines; AJAXs, Flash, User Events/Interactivity, CSS Builds.

At The Digerati, we know a lot about search engines, ranks, SEO, and technologies. Should you consider SEO, YES! However, conventional marketing can potentially be far more effective. Should Google be so evil creating these set of rules, absolutely not... but unfortunately the present is as it is.

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